Keep moving forward

Day 4 at the Washington journalism and media conference I have to admit was laid back but very informative. I was aloud to learn from different speakers and kind of get that new look at journalism that I didn’t have before. I heard from Amy Perez which is the dean of admissions,Carol Guzy who is a incredible and intelligent photojournalist,Greg Watkins who is the founder and creater of an incredible hip hop site,Sonya Ross who is an influential reporter and journalist, and lastly Phil Murphy who is a sports reporter for ESPN. They were all truly amazing and passionate.


Focusing is key

To be a good journalist it takes passion,dedication,charism,and commitment. With these key things and trust me there are many more out there,journalism stands out more and gives us all a broader idea of what we want to do in the future in terms of other careers too. Today was day 3 of my journey at the Washington journalism and media conference and I can honestly say it was nothing short of amazingly beautiful. I saw the White House for the first time and was honored to see the WWjII memorial,Vietnam,and Korean. To be able to witness those pieces of history in front of me was breath taking and gave me goosebumps. It’s almost as if I touch it and it would break. Earlier on in the day I was aloud to hear from Susan Goldberg,Brian Lamb,and Jamie Smith. All three of them were amazing and everyday I am given new advice and am again so lucky to be here and cannot wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow


Yesterday and today were my first two days at the Washington journalism and media conference. Yesterday me and my fellow correspondents were given a tour of the George Mason University and introduced to our group and our faculty adviser. It was a little taste of what’s in store for the rest of the week such as today when I was lucky enough to visit the newseum here in Washington and grasp all of the knowledge that was offered. After I had the honor of listening to an incredible politics panel and a marine and Vietnam veteran Terry Anderson and his views on his life and journalism. I am incredibly excited to be here and personally cannot wait to embark on my journey for the rest of the week and to visit a little more of Washington while I’m here.